Posted on July 28, 2020

Adventure in Spain: Magical Sights of Málaga

Out of all the cities I have visited in Spain, I could actually see myself living in Málaga. From the moment we arrived, it was love at first sight. Immediately I found myself enamored with the layout, location, and presentation of this sophisticated city. Sweeping views of historic buildings overlook the port leading to the beautiful Alboran Sea. Everything was aesthetically pleasing. The attention to detail was absolutely on point, from the stunning cityscape down to the marble street tiles you walked on. I have never seen a city so devoid of litter — it was incredibly refreshing. This place is truly a sight to behold, a feast for the eyes!

Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.André Gide


We embarked on a hike through Caminito del Rey during our first full day in Málaga. These canyons were some of the most impressive I have ever seen, besides the Grand Canyon in Arizona. The scenery leading up to our destination was as idyllic as it gets with mountains, minimal habitation, and a vast blue lake below. King Alfonso XIII had traversed and established it in 1921. Our guide explained that it was referred to as the “King’s little path.”

As we approached the highest portion of the canyon, my husband (boyfriend at the time) mentioned how his palms were getting sweaty. I didn’t think much of it and told him not to look down since the heights were dizzying. Apparently, I was too preoccupied taking in the sights to notice what he had planned. When we went out to get our photo taken on the glass-bottom overlook, I turned around to find him down on one knee opening up a ring box.

The unexpected turn of events was so shocking that I immediately started laughing! There was an entire group of people watching behind us to add to the entertainment. But of course I said yes, and everyone cheered afterward. It was the perfect location for a proposal, and I have to give him credit for facing his fears while doing so over the sheer 300-foot dropoff to the river below.

Once we had completed the three-hour hike, we celebrated with some champagne and a delicious meal outdoors at the cliffside restaurant. It was an absolutely unforgettable experience. I am so grateful to have had this opportunity to be immersed in such a special part of the world. The best souvenir for me personally is to share a moment that is genuinely unique with loved ones. It was one of the most memorable days of my life that I will forever cherish.


The following day, we walked around the nearby Pueblos Blancos of Frigiliana. It is known to be one of the most picturesque whitewashed towns in all of Málaga. Pristine white buildings are adorned by doorways painted in varying shades of blue and turquoise to complement the sea view below. Many residents add to the beauty by lining the walkways and walls with gorgeous flowering potted plants. Clearly, they take pride in making their home beautiful for all to enjoy.

Although my legs and feet were in desperate need of a break from walking non-stop every day, an eagerness to explore what was around the next bend propelled me on. These streets were some of the steepest I have ever encountered in my travels. Similar to my previous experience in Italica, I almost felt as though I was transported back in time. This sleepy seaside town perched on a mountainside was reminiscent of something from the past.

Our next destination of the day took us underground in the Cueva de Nerja. The dark caves were an immediate contrast to the bright sunstruck town we had just visited earlier. It is incredible how much variety of attractions Málaga has to offer. Due to its natural acoustics forming an ideal location for a musical amphitheater, concerts have even been held within the cave. Although we often marvel at man-made structures, sometimes nature is the greatest architect.

We spent the afternoon enjoying refreshing drinks and succulent langoustines while gazing out over the sea. You could almost see Africa on the horizon. We certainly saved the best for last visiting Málaga. Our entire adventure in Spain had by far exceeded my expectations. If you have the opportunity to travel and try something new, always say yes. There is so much to discover and learn. Any uncertainty you may have about exploring beyond what is familiar fades away once you have embraced a moment wholeheartedly with your senses.