Posted on July 21, 2020

Adventure in Spain: Touching History in Italica

What is it about the sense of touch that somehow confirms what you are seeing is real? When you can feel something for yourself, it forms a tactile and tangible connection. We are compelled to touch through our sense of curiosity and discovery. Take a trip to the past while exploring the history surrounding Italica.

When you touch these trees, you have such a sense of the passage of time, of history. It’s like you’re touching the essence, the very substance of life.Kim Novak


Our next adventure had us traveling to experience some prominent historic landmarks around Italica and Seville. These areas just so happen to be former filming locations for the Game of Thrones series. The Royal Alcázar of Seville was our first stop of the day. This palace boasts incredibly ornate architecture known as Mudéjar, and it was deemed a World Heritage site in 1987.

It was no surprise that this impressive palace was chosen to provide the backdrop for the water gardens of Dorne on Game of Thrones. Since then, this area has become a popular destination for many fans all over the world. Even if you have not watched the show, I’m certain anyone would enjoy their time spent here.

I have a great deal of respect and appreciation for the amount of work that went into creating and maintaining the palace as well as the surrounding gardens. The intricate amount of detail was nearly unfathomable. We found ourselves traversing a labyrinth-like hedge maze surrounded by ancient trees and soothing fountains. There were even royal peacocks perched like statues on the edge of the building.

Following our tour of the palace, we took a short walk over to the Cathedral of Saint Mary of the See. I have walked through many beautiful cathedrals in Spain, but this was by far the largest and most impressive of them all. It was filled with priceless artifacts and was so vast you could barely see from one side to the other. I would highly recommend taking the time to walk up the 343-foot tall Giralda (bell tower) for an unforgettable panorama view of the city.


Approaching the ruins of the Amphitheatre within Italica was like stepping back in time. This city was founded by the Roman General Scipio in 206 BC. Visitors were not permitted to enter the top portion of the amphitheater. However, I was content with seeing the location where Daenerys Targaryen made an epic entrance on her dragon during the seventh season in Game of Thrones.

There was something hauntingly connecting as I walked through the narrow pathways beneath the arena. My footsteps were following those of countless gladiators who had passed through long ago. It was eerily mind-blowing to think that they had touched the same stones that I could feel with my own hands during the present day.

Our guide proceeded to show us the rest of the ruins where the people of Italica had once lived. They were highly advanced for their time as they built functional baths, an aqueduct, and a large cistern to store water which still remains intact today. Intricate handcrafted mosaic floors had also withstood the test of time, as displayed in the House of the Birds and the Planetarium.

The main streets were flanked by enormous trees and olive groves beyond. I can only imagine what events have transpired within their lifetime. It is fascinating how nature reclaims the abandoned civilizations of man. Immersing yourself in ancient ruins of the past raises the question; what can we be proud of to leave behind for generations in the future to discover about us?