Posted on April 30, 2020

Rebuilding Yourself Step #3: Discover.

If you truly want to begin understanding and rebuilding yourself, you must first discover your Ikigai. So what exactly is Ikigai? It’s a Japanese concept which essentially translates into “a reason for being.” According to Yukari Mitsuhashi, the author of Ikigai: Giving every day meaning and joy Ikigai is about “identifying your purpose or passion and using this knowledge to achieve greater happiness in your life.”

This is something that we all want to attain in our lives. Unfortunately for most we end up falling short somewhere along the way; whether it be a result of self-doubt, lack of motivation, or a fallacy that we tell ourselves – it is somehow unrealistic to attain. You set the limits of what you can achieve. In reality, the only person preventing you from discovering your Ikigai is yourself.

For me, it’s simple. The most rewarding achievement that I can attain, is knowing that I have positively impacted the lives of others. My goal is to help you realize your own self-worth while growing in confidence and sharing your talents so that you in turn can go on to help others spread the seeds of happiness and fulfillment in their lives.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.Marianne Williamson


There are many things that I enjoy, but most of all I love writing and playing role-playing games (RPGs) with my husband and friends. This combination is my passion; it’s something that I can get wrapped up in for hours uninterrupted. During my studies in college, I majored in English / Creative Writing with a minor in Early Childhood Education; so that is what some would say I am good at.

However, playing RPGs such as Dungeons & Dragons and Starfinder allows me to challenge myself in the realms of role-playing, creative expression, and improvisation. These areas are not typically my forte’. Yet somehow it all works within an authentically unique, beautiful, harmonious narrative that we collaboratively build together.

What works for me specifically may not work for everyone. You must find the right formula for yourself. That being said, while identifying your Ikigai you will need to start with the basics. Begin by combining a list of what you are good at with what you love, as well as what you can be paid for and lastly what the world needs. From there, you will find your passion, mission, vocation, and profession.

Ikigai chart - Rebuilding Yourself
Ikigai chart adapted from Forbes

Once you have attained fulfillment in balancing each of these areas, you have achieved your own unique Ikigai. Going forward, you will have the motivation from doing what you love and what you are genuinely passionate about in life, to energize your mind, body, and soul.

Maybe you are successful and financially stable in your career, but somehow you still feel empty inside. Ever wonder why that is? Perhaps you are close to attaining fulfillment in your life, yet something is lacking and you’re not exactly sure what that might be or how to fill the void. More than likely you have already figured out what your strengths are, how to use them to make money, and how you enjoy spending your time. So what’s missing?


Rather than thinking solely about how to benefit yourself, consider how you can use your strengths and talents to help inspire those beyond yourself. Think of the bigger picture. Selfless acts can be the most honorable and rewarding. I truly believe that the greatest gift you can share is the act of inspiring others. During these dark days that are full of uncertainty, be the one who breaks the mold. Now is your time to shine.

In conclusion on your path towards rebuilding yourself, just take a deep breath and know that it’s okay to feel afraid or overwhelmed, but do not let it consume you. Emotions are fleeting. Your intelligence is more powerful. Use what you have learned to become a better version of yourself. Continue learning and discovering opportunities for personal growth every day.

Remember, all you need to do is look within yourself while reflecting, growing, discovering, and sharing your passion with others. Only you have the choice to embrace the spark of change and new possibilities in your life. You are the light; may you always shine amidst the darkness.

If you are interested in learning more in-depth about Ikigai, here is a short video with helpful visuals. Another excellent resource for anything you may want to learn in the future is Skillshare. If you missed the first two posts in this three-part series, click here to view step 1 of rebuilding yourself or click here to view step 2. Best wishes on your journey towards rebuilding yourself!