Posted on April 21, 2020

Rebuilding Yourself Step #1: Reflect.

Many of us in some way, shape, or form have experienced a pivotal defining point within our lives which has transformed us into who we are today. Some may have had more traumatic pasts than others, but I believe if we are being completely honest we share a common similarity in that each of us is imperfect or “broken” to some extent.

Yet this is nothing to be ashamed of because these scattered pieces are not our final form; it is merely a necessary transition that we must navigate before our greatest achievement. It’s up to us to decide how we want to rebuild ourselves while growing and evolving into a better individual; attaining our optimal potential over time. To begin, we must first look within ourselves.

This is by all means not something that happens overnight. Look at it as a lifelong journey to self-improvement if you will. You are about to embark on a path that may take several months, years, or even decades to cope with and fully understand as you find your true essence along the way. To attain this, you need to examine introspectively down to the very root of who you are. Think of it as tracing the ripples of water back to their source. Reflect from the beginning.

We may not be able to fully comprehend what it is that compels us to act a certain way. In order to truly understand ourselves, we must first look inward. Ask yourself, “What makes me who I am?” Think of everything that has happened in your life culminating towards this present moment.

We are all broken. That’s how the light gets in.Ernest Hemingway

Discover Yourself

There is an incredibly amazing company in the U.K. known as 16 Personalities. They offer a free personality test to anyone who is seeking to learn more about themselves. After completing mine, I was absolutely blown away by the accuracy and overall wealth of knowledge and detail they had provided. Apparently I have an extremely rare personality type which accounts for less than one percent of the world population. My mom always told me I was special, and now I’m starting to wonder if she wasn’t just being biased after all?

All jokes aside, their detailed results helped me to learn so much about myself including why I act a certain way, what my core values are, my strengths and weaknesses, along with what drives me as an individual and so much more! They will even provide you with some relevant quotes and examples of similar well-known personality types just like yours. Trust me, this is worth checking out. You will be glad you did this for yourself. Here is an example of mine:

Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them to become what they are capable of being.Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

If you are interested in embarking on a journey of self-reflection or you’re simply curious about learning more regarding your own personality, I would highly recommend taking their free personality test. Remember that no one will be judging you, and you are not compelled to share the results if you would rather keep them private for your own records. Although I will say it is interesting sharing and learning about your loved ones’ personalities as well, so that you may better understand each other. Try to answer all of the questions with complete honesty so that your results in turn will reflect an accurate account of your unique personality. Enjoy the journey. Bon voyage!