Posted on August 4, 2020

Living a More Sustainable Life

What does it mean to be sustainable? People tend to think that a grand gesture is required in order to produce any results. However, this idea is unrealistic. The notion of drastically changing our habits often deters us from making any effort towards positive change at all. What if I told you all that is required of you to be more sustainable is to simply make small, mindful decisions? Would you be willing to find out the impact that those choices could have?

Sustainability is no longer about doing less harm. It’s about doing more good.Jochen Zeitz


I can assure you that choosing to be more sustainable is easier than you may think. That being said, you must be mindful of your choices. You have immense power as a consumer. Something as simple as your purchasing and eating habits can make a monumental impact.

The next time you want to buy something, consider whether or not it is the most beneficial option. For example, supporting your local small businesses (especially during our current circumstances) is always a better idea than a large franchise. You should rethink your purchasing motivation if you are buying something simply because it is convenient. Ask yourself, “Do I need this?” If so, then consider what business would be the most beneficial and sustainable to support.

For example, my husband and I enjoy going to Lake Meadow Naturals to stock up on fresh eggs and food supplies. We trust their products because they are always fresh, organic, and locally produced. You can even see the free-range chickens and farm animals on the property. Places like this make me happy because they provide natural farm-to-table options where each customers’ business is welcomed and appreciated.

If you do not have a nearby farm to visit, then a local farmer’s market can provide more fresh, seasonal options as well. These products are often a healthier choice, not to mention more sustainable for the environment. In turn, you will be supporting families who work hard at their craft while keeping them in business. Win, win!


As a society (particularly in America) we are conditioned into thinking that meat is manly and an essential part of life. Marketing has manipulated the masses into consuming whatever they deem is necessary to make a profit. I highly recommend checking out The Game Changers documentary regarding the truth behind these so-called “masculine” stereotypes. You may be surprised to discover that one of the strongest men in the world is actually vegan.

I am not by any means trying to convince anyone to become a vegan or vegetarian. Kudos to you if you are! However, you should at least consider the idea of substituting some meat for plant-based meals simply as a more sustainable choice. Decreasing the demand for livestock production alone can help to mitigate deforestation as well as catastrophic climate change from greenhouse gas emissions. Your purchasing patterns as a consumer may impact the environment more than you know.


Remember, your consumer habits dictate the production leading toward a more (or less) sustainable world. Your choices today have the potential to prevent future pandemics. An article by Scientific American explains, “The COVID-19 pandemic is a catastrophe, but it can rivet our attention on the enormous payoffs that humanity can achieve by not overexploiting the natural world. Pandemic solutions are sustainability solutions.”

Think of making sustainable choices as an investment in the future. Always give back more than you take. The overall wellbeing of the planet and all living species will mutually benefit. Your decisions as a consumer can impact the outcome of whether or not we have a sustainable world.

Going forward, we are completely capable of implementing more renewable and sustainable resources into our daily lives. What worked in the past is no longer good enough for the future. Complacency is not acceptable. We can always do better. I challenge you to begin making more sustainable choices in your own life. Positive evolution is essential, and you have the power to ensure that the future is sustainable.