Posted on February 2, 2021

How Sharing Your Creative Energy Inspires Connection

History has demonstrated how creativity and connection arise after times of great turmoil and strife. Out of the dark ages emerged the Renaissance. Often, the most challenging moments in our lives can bring out our best qualities. If you share your own creative energy, you have the ability to inspire others while creating a positive and profound connection.

In nature we never see anything isolated, but everything in connection with something else which is before it, beside it, under it and over it.Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Imagine waking up every morning immersed in the beauty of a white sand beach adorned with swaying palm trees, sparkling aquamarine water, and dolphins playfully leaping beyond the waves. This was my reality growing up. However, I did not live near the ocean. An indoor utopia was made possible through my mother, who happens to be an incredibly talented artist.

She lovingly painted a realistic mural within my room depicting elements from my favorite destination. Similarly, she has transformed many other spaces into a beautiful work of art to behold. Countless clients have affirmed their satisfaction with her artwork over the years. Being surrounded by an image of something that brings you joy is conducive to positive growth and productivity. Your very own paradise can become a reality through artistic vision, creation, and connection.

If you’re wondering how to transform your space from dull and uninspiring to uplifting and enlightening, she is the answer. Her personalized murals will not only add value to your home or business — but also your overall wellbeing and quality of life. Custom Murals and Artwork are inspirational and one of a kind. If you can imagine it, she can create it!


Critical Role exemplifies improv at its finest. (Also known as “yes, and…” method acting.) This endearing group of professional voice actors simply do what they love, and it shows. Their story is driven by a creative process through roleplaying and the shared connection of spontaneous improvisation.

Sometimes the most beautiful and unexpected moments within storytelling are attained through a collaborative effort. This experience fosters a strong emotional connection as well. We feel special when we are included — allowing a trusted bond to form.

To improvise means to organically go with the flow. As discussed in a previous post, attaining your personal Ikigai refers to being in a state of flow. This “flow state” is often discovered during moments of profound creative connection and inspiration.


Harry Mack takes his own creative spin on improvisation to the next level. He successfully developed a unique style of creating a connection through music. Harry inspires people all over the world with his remarkable gift of freestyle rap. Check out one of his most poignant performances: Making An Emotional Connection Through Freestyle.

Harry always demonstrates sincere gratitude by saying, “Thank you for your energy.” He exudes humble confidence. Harry Mack is in a league of his own by bringing something entirely new and authentic to the table. His positive energy evokes unparalleled inspiration. In my opinion, he is the most talented and unique lyricist to date.

Genuinely creative people enjoy sharing their work because it inspires and builds a connection with others. The positive reinforcement that arises is cyclical. This relationship benefits both the artist and the consumer. The greatest connection among individuals is revealed within moments of shared happiness.

Think about what you enjoy. What is your unique creative outlet? Ask yourself, “What can I offer?” Support your fellow artists. Share what you find inspirational. Have a friendly competition with other creative individuals. It will promote positive growth in yourself and in others as well. The world craves connection now more than ever. Find commonality through creativity. Build one another up. Be the uniting spark — ignite creative energy and connection among us all.